Beards Cove Community Organization

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Welcome to the Home Owner’s of Beard Cove Web Page!

Beards Cove Community Organization, (BCCO) is a non-profit, registered, 501 (c)(3), HOA, (Homeowner’s Association) which was formed in 1979 to “promote the health, safety and welfare of the owners of real property” within the boundaries of the plat of “Beards Cove”, (Article of Incorporation, 1975).

Through it’s elected Board of Directors, Beards Cove owns, operates and manages acres of communal property, four parks, and a community pool. It also governs and administrates association policies, procedures, rules and regulations. In accordance with the laws of the State of Washington, the organizations Articles of Incorporation, Protective Covenants, and Association By-Laws are used as guidelines for maintaining a healthy, safe and livable community.

The CWD  Group is a HOA management company currently providing management and administrative support for the Board of Directors of Beards Cove.

To contact us: 1-206-706-8000